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Name: Artemis Garner
Gender: Female
Position: Jack of Diamonds
Age: 27
Religion: N/A
D.O.B: N/A
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Siblings: N/A

Weapon of Choice:
Brass Knuckles; she's quite fond of using her fists to solve problems, and as a close-range fighter, this happens often.

Occupation outside of the Suits:
Two words; Fight Club. Artemis enjoys a quick round or two, and not the type of round you're thinking. She often joins in on the underground circuits every other night when she's not dealing with gang related matters. Bare-knuckle boxing is more of a hobbie than a job, but the payments act as a substantial income.

Artemis is a fairly docile character unless provoked. She's witty, thinks about what she says before saying it, and can often be found dealing her anger issues out against a heavy bag in the gym across from her apartment. She doesn't often smile when 'on business'; she's a fo srs business person, but otherwise rather relaxed. She likes respect, and being respected, and will often earn it through violence; she enjoys the feeling of power and status, and everything she does is in order to get her to a higher position of power.

Basic Visual Description:
Cropped, burgandy purple hair that cuts sharply across her face in a diagonal angled downward toward the left side of her face; this is pulled back in times where she needs to be able to see properly [such as fights]. There's a brand-like tattoo at the base of the back of her neck [ an intricately patterened circle with a gothic cross central of the design]. She's got a heart shaped face, olive skin and a beauty mark under her right eye. She has both ears pierced four times, and will never be found without her Mother's locket around her throat. Short-shorts and tank tops are commonly her choice in clothing, often doned by stripes, and accompanied by light-weight militart-style boots that hardly ever have their laces done up. She commonly wears a white belt with fluorescent decore covering it to hold up her shorts and support the cases for her Brass Knuckles which are conveniently situated on either side of her belt, prepped and ready for her to flip the top open, slide her fingers into place and pull them out.

Jack of Diamonds 9ktr9k
[Colour to come]

Born and raised in the fight clubs by the bloke that ran the joint, Artemis was originally found in the backalleys of Roulette, lost and alone, memory gone; the doctor's say it was likely a traumatic event that caused her to repress all prior memories.
Anderson, the man she called Father since she could remember, taught her to be his champion in the ring, training her in kick boxing, boxing, taijutsu and martial arts. By the age of 21 Anderson finally allowed her to participate in the fights, having become soft in his old age and wary of the roudiness of the event.
Her first fight was a rather painful loss. But it was the next month, after recovery, that she returned with a fire in her belly that allowed her to pulverise the bastard that had beaten her to a bloody pulp. That was when she was approached by the Ace of Diamonds.

Now 27, Artemis resides as Jack of Diamonds and plans to move up in the ranks, earning herself respect, status and power, gaining fear in the public of the Fight Clubs while she was at it. She intends to one day over throw the Ace of Diamonds, taking the Ace's life in a public display of power.

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