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Post  Crimablanca on Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:00 am

Name: Bre MacKenzie
Position: 10 of Spades
Age: 23
Religion: N/A
D.O.B: N/A
Mother: Deceased
Father: MIA
Siblings: Younger Brother, Younger Sister.
Weapon of Choice: 9 Caliber twin Pistols which she hides on person at all times.

Ten of Spades Pistol_m9_500

Whilst out of 'work attire' she prefers a blade that rests on her thigh in a garter belt.

Ten of Spades Knife_with_sheth

Occupation outside of the Suits: Bre jumps from job to job; she's good with paper work, but currently works as a stripper- she prefers to mix up her employment, rather than stick to a boring job; stripping was just next on her 'picked out of a hat at random' list of occupations.

Personality: Up unto the point where one becomes friends with this cold-faced female, an aloof aura will emanate from Bre MacKenzie, a straight forward ruffian who takes her job with a pinch of salt. Once the acquaintance barrier is broken, though she doesn't seem it, Bre is a blunt harlequin. Anger problems fester deep in her psyche, but other than this little quirk the girl is rather fun loving. Loyal to those close to her, trustworthy and more than a little spiteful, Bre is definitely someone you want on your side. She knows how to hold a grudge. The cyan has an impenetrable like for jam donuts, lives off junk food and the like (due to her lack of funding before joining The Cards) She's also quite the paranoid young adult; when alone with friends, she will act the part, but get her in a room with untrusted people and the cold mask will come back into play no matter who you are.

Basic Visual Description: Voluminous hair of a light, almost aquamarine colour, contrasting heavily against her beyond-naturally pale skin. Blue-green eyes, a rather shapely figure and a rather observed like for the colours blue and green. Distinguishing marks flaw her flesh, a small 'X' scar across her left bosom (The result of a rather ungodly knife fight with two ruffians back in Edinburgh at the age of 15) and a flow of tattoos across her abdomen, a matching shape across her upper right arm. She has a naval piercing, a unique tartan style and wears a small top hat with three 'Spade' cards lodged in the band atop of her head. A blue/green colour make up scheme adorns her face, more about the eyes than anywhere else.

Ten of Spades Kdqwaw

Background: This Scottish oriented hooligan, Bre MacKenzie, began as a straight A student in the depths of Edinburgh, attending a rather renowned academy. At age 14 her father, a military Commanding Officer, was called to aid in the Vietnam War. He was shortly after announced M.I.A. Two years later her mother fell ill; she died three months later, leaving Bre and her two younger siblings to fend for themselves; the girl was never the same. It was only a week later that Social Services came to collect, taking seven year old Steven and 4 year old Nadia to a better home. Bre was left to find work for herself, in which the 16 year old come unto information about The Card House. Unable to join at the time, the teen urged herself to train and work hard to earn enough money to fly to the city of Roulette and join these suits in the 'game'. Her first pistols were purchased at age 18 under the table, and by age 21 Bre MacKenzie was a hired assassin. Not the best of the best, but good enough to earn the money to fly to Roulette.

Now 23, she's been with the Suits for a good while, happy to stay in the lower ranks and lay low for the time being, so to speak.

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