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The Mad Hearter's Dance Party Empty The Mad Hearter's Dance Party

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It was just under a week after the annual meeting between the heads of the Suits that the flyers had been littering the streets of the city, falling on top of people from buildings above with a small laughter to follow.

'Mad Hatter's Tea Party!" They all said in bright colours, the picture of an unknown model with wildly cropped brown hair posing as the Hatter himself but it didn't say who was the one that was responsible for organizing it. The venue set for a Free zone hall that could hold about a thousand people, which was good, but everyone knew that if they could, they would go.

The date on the flyers got closer and closer, and for some, it was the longest time to wait, until everyone woke this fine Saturday morning, planning on getting rid of their hangovers in order to be ready, in full costume for the event.

The booze was brought in from all over the city, different cocktails and shots labelled after characters and events to do with the world famous story.

Excitement buzzed the cool night air as people lined up for blocks to get into the venue, bouncers directing the traffic of bodies into the large hall and huge bar area that lined the walls from end to end.

Once the line was cut off (With special invitation for the Aces and their escorts to the party if they wished to have a good time), the stage lit up with the spotlight on the model from the photo, grinning madly with arms wide open.

"Ladies and Germs, Worms and Maggots, Tea pots and saucers! I welcome you to the party, I would say have a wonderful time, but you wouldn't be here unless you were planning it. You'd be a bit mad not to have a good time. Now, I have all the keys to the back rooms in this venue, and in saying that, if you want a break from the party or a little... alone time, please, find me and ask. You have an hour in each of the room, before the Card Guards come and escort you out, thusly returning the keys to me. Aside from that, let the madness begin!"

It'd been a long week, and despite her on-the-job attitude, Bre had a tendency to like socialising once in a while, and a party like this was hard to pass up. Standing amongst the crowd, half paying attention to the man at the front, his voice familiar, yet still grating on her nerves with it's chipper tone. What a good Mad Hatter.

Donning a rather sheer costume of the White Rabbit, top hat tilted and tail coat being the longest part of her outfit, and even then it didn't beat the white hot pants by much, the Ten of Spades made a casual attempt to mingle in the packed room.

Continuously having to push the white ears protruding from the top hat out of her face was one of the few things that put her apart from the many other White Rabbits presence; the other being her cyan hair and the fact that she had a small selection of weapons concealed on her person, no matter how hard that was to imagine with what little she was wearing.

Blue-Green eyes scanned the room, the conversation at hand boring her to the point where she wanted to stab herself; but that would just stain the pretty white of her costume. Reaching down, she tapped the stopwatch-bag that was hooked to her hip to make sure it was still there, the gold chain that looped, hanging behind her thighs and attaching to a hook on the opposing hip of her corset, swinging slightly with the movement.

There was a small commotion in a back corner of the venue, but that was soon taken care of by a couple of Cards, and Bre eventually returned her attention back to the conversation she was supposed to be part of.

Taking a strand of her freshly curled, cyan blue hair in between her fingers, she distracted herself absently with trying to making ringlets out of the soft twists. As long as she knew her guns were rested on her hips, hidden under the tailcoat, she could deal with most anything this party bored her with.

Lola scanned the crowds for someone wtih money. She was wearing a pair of very low-slung but cute blue shorts with cuffs that barely passed her crotch and showed off her tatoo if she crossed her legs just right. She also had a small, well-tailored, bright orange vest with blue lapels that matched her shorts that stopped an inch below her breasts. A single button to each garment held them closed. Her heels were high and emerald green. Her legs were bare except for a garter which already had some money in it.

Her short blonde hair was tied up tight beneath a wig of blood-red hair that flowed in soft curls over her shoulders. Her makeup was in reds as well. Lola had even put in contacts for the occasion - electric, intoxicating green, to match her shoes and the small top hat that was perched on her head, held there with a thin string of elastic. Instead of reading 'this size 10/6p' as the original Hatter's did, her's read 'basic lap dance $150'.

Everything was a place to put money as far as she was concerned. The tiny shorts and tiny vest both had pockets. The garter of course, already serving its purpose. She'd stick money into her top hat as well if she needed to. Her cleavage and the little cuffs she was wearing around her wrists would be put to use as well, she hoped.

Heck, she hoped she'd have to skip out because she ran out of places to put cash, but that was always the way things were with her. Money makes the Lola go round.

Now, who had money?

An hour into the party and it was in full swing, the Mad Hatter roaming about the hall, a cane in one hand, a drink in the other with the keys to the outer rooms tucked safely away into his vest, hidden in one of many pockets to confuse thieves and pick pockets, not that he wouldn't be able to tell if they tried to do such a thing, being one himself.

But not tonight, his hands and eyes were looking about, engaging in conversation, everyone trying to work out this rather odd, spontaneous person and who he might be. But he had everyone fooled, while still being friendly, most of them walking away in a slight huff, others wanting to keep close to discuss possible future parties and him being the center of it all.

This man was mysterious indeed.

There were people he knew, some he wanted to get to know and some people he wanted to stay away from, but the Mad Hatter as a person, had to be loved by all.

Wandering the room absently, Bre eventually founds herself within the same mingling radius as the hosting Mad Hatter, her eyes falling down his figure a moment before dragging back to his face. She stared at him a moment, silently, before turning her gaze toward another in the group, and then behind them, a redhead with soft curls, and a rather fetching outfit; obviously a girl from one of the workhouses.

Her eyes shifted from the worker and across the group she was currently supposed to be conversing with, taking in each and every one of their faces. It seemed even at parties she wasn't entirely off the job, always vigilant and aware, never switched off so to speak.

Reaching up and tipping her hat back, Bre lent herself back against the wall she forced into by the crowd, finding little other movements possible in such a crowd.

Lola had found a little section of floor to dance in, and when she began had the smallest bubble of space around her - letting the men appreciate the view better. Occasionally one would press up against her and she'd lift their wallet.

She always put them back of course. Just lighter by the price of a lap dance or a hand job, depending on how close they pressed and how handsy they got. The money appeared in her garter, or sticking out of the edges of her clothes, so that it looked like her dance partners had paid for it. Which they had, even if they didn't know it. Some of them even reached for their wallets just after she'd put it back and slipped an extra few notes into her clothing.

None of them even noticed what she was doing. To them it just felt like she was feeling them up, which they naturally appreciated. So far though, none of them had asked for a little privacy with her.

That was fine. She was making plenty enough for now this way.

She'd go scouting properly later, once the smell of intoxication became a little heavier in the air - whether it was booze and drugs, or sweat, endorphins and sex. This party would get there soon enough she was sure. Either that, or until the boss showed up and told her she had a client to see... or catch. That instruction would depend on if it was the 'Mother' of her house, or Mr Ace.

Some of the girls here were pressed up against the walls, courted, giving dances, which was to be expected, and the guys were mostly hands on anyway, if they liked it or not, so when he went to explore the small corner of the room that looked a little huddled together, he smiled at the money made by one of the working girls, only giving her a nod at her progress before slipping her a key to one of the rooms, just in case.

He'd ask about payment for renting the room later in the night when the clients and party goers were more intoxicated, or if she wanted a break and came to find him, but for now, he'd leave her to the expanse of men around her and hoped she had a good time.

Continuing down the wall, chatting here and there, he spotted the a sexy looking white rabbit, moving over and bowing low. "You're late, whitey, for a very important date. Unless..." He started, looking around. "You have no date and taking a break?"

The Ten's eyes slipped over to the Hatter, watching his bow in silence before tilting her head absently. "Do you always rhyme?" She questioned, twisting against the wall in order to face him more, leaning her shoulder against the wall. "Because that would be impressive." A smirk split her black and white lips, her head tilted back in order for her to see from under the rim of the top hat.

She allowed her gaze to wander downward, inspecting his costume, at least that would be her excuse, and back up to his eyes. She searched his face for a long moment in silence, trying to decode whether or not there was recognition there.

Lola smiled to find a key in her hand and quickly slipped it somewhere safe - her bra - while keeping half an eye on the man. The party was a business venture for more people than just her after all, and she understood that.

Still, she could appreciate aesthetically pleasing people when they came her way, and Mr Hatter - boss of the floor - was certainly that. A small part of her wondered if she'd get the chance to do him before the party broke up, but she wouldn't let the thought stop her from getting money off the men who had all of their attention focused on her.

As she lifted another thousand from a very drunken 'caterpillar' who probably wouldn't have noticed if she'd not returned his wallet at all, Lola noticed the host stopping to talk to a white rabbit.

She didn't look like a working girl though, so probably just a regular party patron. Lola smiled to herself and made a mental note to grind against the woman later and see if she was interested in being a customer. After all, women were just as much fun as men, if a girl knew what she was doing - and Lola did.

Jack didn't much care for parties - too loud, too bright, too many people wanting to make small talk, as if he could give a shit what the weather was like in Prague today, or which h-list celebrity was seen having coffee with which j-list celebrity in the park - but if there was one thing he couldn't resist, it was a mystery. And this Mad Hatter bloke was definitely that.

So of course he'd had to show, his favoured black hat set aside for the night to be replaced with the March Hare's ears (he'd considered the Cheshire Cat, but the Cat was always so damn pleasant and, well, no), if only to find out who the Hatter was and what he was up to.

So far, it wasn't going well. In his efforts to track the Hatter's movements, he kept being ambushed by women who wanted to dance, and it was at least worth finding out anything any of them might have picked up about their host. An hour later, he'd gathered nothing but a few invitations to the backrooms, all of which he'd refused as diplomatically as he could possibly manage (especially that girl who'd come as the Queen of Hearts, how foolhardy did you have to be?), before finally fleeing to the bar to regroup.

Settling himself on a stool against the wall, he scanned the room, finally spotting the Hatter nearby, talking to a White Rabbit with long blue-green hai- wait, was that MacKenzie? Better leave them alone for a bit, then. Damn.

He didn't take his eyes from the Hatter as he waited, though. He wasn't losing track of this guy again.

The Mad Hatter had made a rather good rhyme without the knowledge of thinking it up, which made him smile and shake his head. "Ah, unfortunately I wish I could, but even if I could, what if I had to use the word orange? Or purple? Then I'd be stuck and no doubt my head would probably explode," He chuckled, running his own eyes over the lovely rabbit in front of him.

"Your outfit is amazing, I wonder if you have been spotted for the costume awards yet, I will have to make sure the judges find you," The Mad one continued, looking around after a couple tapped him on the shoulder, gloved hand instantly holding out a key for them. Such was his duty tonight.

Then he spotted a few of the card guards heading for the other side of the room rather quickly, giving a hasty apologies to the white rabbit, darting through the crowds moving in to circle around a ten man brawl that had started by the bar.

"Right, I'm guessing you all have had enough to drink! Card guards, toss the lot of them into the streets, but not before taking the fee for breaking all these lovely glasses!" The Hatter called out over the crowd, tapping his cane on the ground and nodding.

Bre lifted a brow at him, but didn't have much of a chance to respond, as soon the Hatter was off again, dealing with a commotion in the back corner of the room. Taking a quick scan of the area again, she spotted a familiar face. Her eyes rested on the Jack a moment before carrying on to coast across the crowd.

She remained against the wall, attention drawing to the worker girl for a moment before she was approached by another party goer. He seemed sober enough, dressed in a stripey costume that vaguely represented the cheshire cat. The stench of booze was hovering around him, though she was sure it was just the pungent smell of the room. It was obvious where his eyes were, and the Ten quickly dismissed him with a sharp look, one that sent him on his merry way to the next closest woman he could rub up against.

It was becoming more and more blatant that Bre wasn't the most social person, who standing in these situations often to linger in the shadows and melt into the background.

Lola had ducked out of the crowd around her as soon as the first guy had fallen on the second. That was a recipe for disaster if she ever saw one. Let the handsy drunks deal with each other.

She was going to find a more sobre target while the Card Guards ejected her sloshed prey. Maybe it was time to approach that white rabbit that Mr Hatter had been talking to. After all, he was giving orders where she had been. Time for her to give a little pleasure in his wake.

Not that she believed for an instant he was incapable of providing pleasure himself. There was something about the way he moved his hips that suggested to her that he was just as much a pro at her business as she was, but males in her business were always a closely guarded secret, so few people would recognise it. She could be imagining it of course. Some men just had that kind of swing to their hips naturally.

"You look waaaay too tense," Lola said, smiling brightly for the white rabbit with blue-green hair. "I can help you with that if you like?" she offered.

Ah, the approach of a working girl. It was always to be expected in these places, at these types of parties. Bre allowed her eyes to roam the woman's figure appreciatively a moment before returning to her eyes, her expression remaining a comfortable neautral for the moment.

"Tense isn't the word I would use." She responded lightly, tilting her head slightly toward the woman, her eyes once again dipping. This time, she didn't really make an effort to lift her gaze. She was, in fact, overly tense; between the over-crowded room she was currently in, and the stress of dealing with idiots generally throughout the day, all day, every day, it was hard to relax.

Rolling her shoulders some, she pushed herself up off the wall, standing straight in her white, heeled boots. "But you're welcome to try and.. Loosen me up." The Ten smirked slightly, finally lifting her gaze back to the Hatter Whore's eyes. Unlike the other's the worker had approached, or had been approached by, Bre kept her hands to herself, rested on her hips where she could easily access at least one of the several weapons concealed on her person. It was a safety precaution, really; that, and she'd noticed the worker's sticky hands, pulling wallets and cash from every which person.

Lola smiled at the way the white rabbit unabashedly eyed her figure, and positively grinned at the woman's smirk.

She reached into her bra where she'd stashed that key. "You need a proper work-over," she said sweetly. "It will cost you more -" it would cost her more too. Men paid big money to get to watch two women going at it. "- but I think you'll find it completely worth it. Hmm?" she offered, sliding her arm into the crook of the rabbits and tugging her gently towards the back rooms.

Of course, she wasn't pulling so hard that the white rabbit couldn't change her mind. Being a pushy saleswoman only worked with men when they were the 'happy' kind of drunks.

"If you like, we can even invite someone else, if there's anyone else who's caught your eye?" Lola whispered softly, close to her new customer's real right ear, rather than one of her white rabbit ears.

Bre's smirk widened, though she glanced down to their interlinked arms and slid hers free, her expression faultering a moment. But she didn't pause, nor did she fully pull away, save for leaning away from the other's breath on her ear, her other hand sliding up to the other's jaw, her fingertip following the angle to the apex of her chin.

"A proper work-over, huh." She murmured, leaning slightly closer, very aware of where the other woman's hands were. "I'm sure you'd reel in the cash if I were to say yes, right? I hear girl on girl action is a hot product these days." Bre kept her gaze locked on the workers, only breaking the stare to glance down toward the other's lips and back up. Letting out a small, amused breath, the Ten leant back again, dropping her hand from the worker's face.

Skimming her gaze across the room again, she shook her head.
"They're all drunk, Darlin'. None of them are appealing." She murmured with a sigh, glancing back to the female Hatter. "Though if you know of anyone." The smirk lit up again, and she shrugged slightly, as if not particularly concerned with who was involved.

"Tut tut beautiful, I'd only make my killing if we weren't in private," she scolded happily, waving the key around a little, demonstrating her willingness for a private session.

"And the only people I know out there would cost you more, since they're in my line of work too."

Lola pouted her prettiest pout and batted her eyes just right. It had to be done differently for women than for men.

"So it's just you, me, and Mr Hatter's key?" she asked, gesturing towards a door with the hand that held the key in question. "Shall I rub your back? Massage your feet? Finger you? Or eat you out?" she asked, her words getting softer with each suggestion.

"I'm sure I could afford it." The Ten murmured, but she didn't push the matter, the other's further suggestions stopping her.

"How about.." -Bre stepped up to the other, reaching out and slipping her fingers into the soft curls of red hair at the nape of her neck- "You stop talking, and we just go with the flow." Her face was rather close to the other's, nose brushing her's, and eyes locked to those pretty hues and their thick lashes that had just been batted. Her breath was light on the Hatter woman's lips, but she pulled away before any progression could be made, glancing toward the key.

"Though we'll definitely be starting with a back rub." Despite everything, her shoulders hurt, and to hell if she was going to do anything with this tension building up.

Lola grinned, stuck the key into the door, and let herself and her customer into the room.

There wasn't a whole lot there, just the very basics of most brothel private rooms: bed and simple open bathroom for cleaning up after.

"Whatever the customer wants," Lola agreed, a hand already drifting to the rabbit's jacket-covered shoulders.

This woman was going to be fun, Lola decided. So close to kissing, so tempting... whores didn't go in for kissing much though - their mouths went just about everywhere else of course. If a customer initiated a kiss, then naturally a whore would give as good as she could, but she nearly never initiated such contact.

"Lola will provide," she promised. Silently though, she added 'except for my money.'

Following this 'Lola' into the room, and pushing the door closed behind them, Bre only paused at the touch of knowing hands brushing against her shoulders. Her own reaction, however, was to turn, snatching the whore's hand, tightening her grip, and slam her against the wall, her free hand resting on Lola's hip, the other pinning the worker's wrist to the solid structure of the room.

"Patience, please." She murmured against the woman's throat, smirking. "I'd rather not ruin my costume." Bre lingered there a moment, contemplating her time, and the other woman, very carefully before stepping back, roughly releasing the worker and reaching up to remove the hat and ears from her head, freeing her blue-green hair. She lazily tossed them on the nearby table, her tailcoat soon to follow; these were the most important, and presumably would be the most problematic, pieces of her costume, and really, anything else could be laid to waste for all she cared.

Having done this, she now gave Lola a beckoning gesture with her index finger, a smirk playing it's way across her lips, and settling like it often did.

The mad Hatter was delighted and rather upset that once the fight had been broken up and the people thrown out, that his white rabbit had found another hatter to run off and have tea with, but with a quick glance at his watch, he would time them and see how long then would be.

Appearing in the middle of the room with another drink in hand, the man scanned the room and the level of drunk talk among the crowd. Soon it would be time to start the fun and games. He was hoping a ot of people would play now that they seemed happier with drinks in their bellies.

Lola felt the wind being knocked out of her lungs as she was slammed into the wall, and then she was blinking rapidly to get her senses back once the pain passed and she was released.

Maybe this was a bad idea.

Still, she'd got a customer and she wouldn't back down. Really wished she had some cuffs to restrain the rabbit though. She did not play punching bag for people.

That little 'come hither' gesture wasn't the most inviting Lola had ever seen either.

Damn, did she have any pills on her? No, but even if she had, what were the chances of this customer taking them? Low. Very, very low.

"You really are tense," Lola said softly as she moved away from the wall she'd been slammed into, and surreptitiously checked to see if the door was completely closed. She didn't want to be completely out of sight if things got out of hand after all.

Double damn. Being around tense people, particularly violently tense people, made her tense. She was going to really need the dance floor when she got through with this customer.

Watching the rigidity of the worker, Bre's thought pattern switched from bored to entertained. She sat herself down on the bed, leaning forward with her chin in her hand, and her elbow rested on her knee. It seemed that this worker wasn't quite keen on her rough actions; she could see it in her pretty eyes. But that didn't really matter, now did it? Lola was being paid, and the Ten would have her moneys worth of fun.

"Yes, I am, though repeating the fact isn't going to change it." She murmured, dropping her gaze to the curvature of Lola's legs, only to lift them ever so slowly, following the smooth lines of the woman's body. Thankfully, her rational thought wasn't completely gone; hurting this woman would only result in her own problems becoming much worse. Pausing her roaming of the whore's body with her eyes, Bre began needlessly thinking over every possible sequence of events that could follow any decision made in this room.

Any tactic that involved her interests resulted in a problematic situation.

Returning her gaze to the woman's eyes, she stood once more, her thought process having taken all of two seconds, hooking her arm around Lola's waist andswinging her carefully down onto her back on the bed, making sure the worker didn't bounce as she knelt over her on the bed, hands pressing into the material of the sheets either side of Lola's head. Her pistols, previously concealed by the tailcoat, were now in full view on either side of her torso.

"I realise our time here is limited." She commented quietly. "So let's skip the massage."

Jack swore under his breath as the fight broke out next to him, forcing him to shift his position and lose sight of the Hatter for a few precious minutes. By the time he found a new vantage point, the Hatter was gone and MacKenzie had strolled past him in the company of another hatter - a lesser hatter, he'd taken to calling the others who'd chosen that role, they were certainly hatters, but not ones of much interest to him - one who moved like a... ohhh. She'd be distracted for a little while, then, and better her than him.

Scanning the room again, his gaze settled on the Hatter, alone at last, in the midst of the crowd, and he made his way towards him.

Ugh, sometimes people needed to know that there was a place and time for fights. The two people acting up in front of him caused Damian to nudge with Spada. No black hat for Jack but a set of ears.

That was new.

Although the same could be said for the Ace, he had to leave the spade emblazoned beret and don a pair of mouse ears with his feather brown dress shirt. He wasn't the type to dress up, coming straight from work, suit jacket still around the back of his chair in his office. With the ridiculous ears he felt the urge to rip them off- but, he would look more out of place without them than with them. So the Dormouse he was.

Trusting the Jack more than he really should, Damian didn't even give the other Spade a passing glance as he ducked past the other costume clad party goers. The 10, MacKenzie was supposed to be here as well. Damian let the passing thought leave his mind as he watched the Hatter that had caught his Jack's attention from the corner of his eye.

Ah. Parties. Artemis loved parties. No one would ever pick her for the sort that enjoyed the company of many, many others all packed like sardines into a room, but there was something about the energising music and the movements of the room that drew her like a magnet to the social events. Her body was coverted with the pink and purple stripes of Disney's cheshire cat, a large, fluffy tail hanging down from the back of pant-suit she wore, matching ears protruding from her head, the colours going nicely with her hair.

It wasn't a surprise that, out of all the characters, she would choose the Cheshire cat. Despite his role in the story, it was the stripes that took her fancy, the beautiful, straight verticle lines they created, and the repetition of the colours; they were just so attractive. She wore flats, of course, as heels weren't quite her thing, and stood toward the center of the crowd that had taken over the dancefloor, her body swaying in time with the others and to the beat of the music.

The Jack of Diamonds so easily played the part, though the flow of booze helped, an entertained grin splitting her face as she swayed with TweedleDee and TweedleDum, her hips occupied by their eager hands.

Lola was going to put this rabbit on every brothel's 'violent dominator list' and street-walkers 'walk the hell away' list when she got out of this. Damn guns concealed under that jacket, and Lola didn't mean just really nice chest section.

But okay, she'd work and she'd work as fast as she could in her current position. Which meant changing her current position.

Lola brought a leg up and hooked it around the rabbit's torso, crossing over to the opposite shoulder so she'd have some leverage. At the same time, her hands were going for the woman's shorts so that she could get in and start servicing. Hopefully she'd get the customer on her back and would be back where she always liked to keep herself in every situation she found herself in - the postion of the person in control.

It was amazing! His party was going so well! People drinking, talking, drinking, laughing, drinking along with sampling the finger food, occasionally tapping him on the shoulder for a key or being gracefully turned down if all the rooms were full, drinking, more dancing in the middle of the floor where he was currently spinning on the spot with a drinking in his hand, laughing, oh... and more drinking.

The Hatter was having such a wonderful time! Not only was he having a wonderful time, but he was picking out the big named stars of the show, the high rollers of the city and the stars of prime time news spots, everyone who was anyone was here.

He even had one of the Card Guards whisper in his ear that an Ace of the city had arrived late, which was a wonderful bit of news. He'd always liked the way they thought they ruled everything.

Stopping his spinning on the dance floor and looking about, he noticed that one strange man had started to make his way towards him, putting the grin back on his face. Perhaps he had a very important question?

Bre allowed the leg to come up, actually appreciating the smooth feel, but the moment Lola's hands strayed, her obviously much faster hands snatched at her wrists, forcing them up above her head and pinning them against the mattress.

"You're so very impatient." She murmured, smirking. "I know we don't have much time, but we do have a whole hour." The Ten liked this; she liked it a lot. Though the other wasn't really putting up much of a fight, which was a slight disappointment, just being able to mess with her was enough of a pleasure that she'd pay full price, even if this was all they did the entire time.

Shifting her grip so she could hold both the woman's wrists in one hand, Bre reached down to the rim of her boot, sliding her fingers under the top of the boot and retrieving a rather sharp looking blade. It was lucky for Lola that the Ten was smarter than to harm a worker, especially in this town. But that didn't apply to the woman's clothing.

Her smirk widened, almost wicked as she slid the blade, quickly, up against Lola's abdomen, slipping it under the material of her shirt and slicing upward with enough force that the sharpened blade sliced through the material with ease, the tip lingering just under the worker's chin. Bre didn't hesitate to busy her mouth, wanting to hear the reactions of the pretty whore as she put her mouth to a better use, teeth grazing Lola's throat as she bit down on the nape of her neck.

It wasn't often that Bre was able to dominate, her usual bed partners being just as rough as she, if not rougher, but when she had the chance she took it, even if it meant a few hundred out of her pocket.

Damn it all to hell and back. It was one lousy button holding her very fitted little vest shut. Was it so much to ask that the customer pop it the normal way rather than force her to go around looking abused for the rest of the night? And completely destroy one of the places she was keeping some of her already made cash?

No manners. And the customer called her impatient?

Lola's displeasure at the situation was shunted to the back of her mind though, as that knife that had ruined her top was still pressed againt her neck.

Oh yes, she was safe alright. If she got killed here, or even too badly ruffled, then someone, somewhere, sometime, would come after this bitch, but that wasn't helping her now.

Lola shifted her legs again, making ready to apply force to twist the woman off of her. She'd use her left leg to sweep the customer off her own, and her right to push her up, then down onto the bed at the same time. She just needed to relax her arms completely, and wait for them to be released so she could grab the knife away. As soon as that happened, then she'd be up and on top.

"I'll fix it after." Bre breathed in Lola's ear, the amusement painfully obvious in her tone as she moved to nibble the woman's ear, her grip shifting slightly on her wrists and the position of the blade faltering with her concentration's slow disintegration.

The Ten moved her mouth's attention back to the other's throat, creating a trail of red marks to the smooth nape between her neck and shoulder, the grip she had on Lola's wrists releasing, the hand coming down to rest on the woman's hip, sliding down her curved side on it's way. The knife, however, remained where it was, a lingering threat.

"You could make a little noise." Bre mumbled against the worker's flesh, obviously unashamed of her actions with this woman; she didn't care what Lola thought of her, nor did she really care what any whore thought of her. It was only when her actions became public that she had to add a few faces to her bingo book.

Lola whipped her hands to the knife and grabbed it firmly as she finally swung her legs, upsetting the woman on top of her.

Only now she was the one on top. Even if the knife was still against her skin. Lola hoped to Hades that she wouldn't be on her back for this one again too soon.

And like hell she was letting this crazy bitch near her with a needle of any kind. She'd sooner steal the rabbit's clothes... not a bad idea actually. They clearly had plenty of hiding places where she could stash her cash.

Nah, they'd hide too much of her as well. Damn.

Lola lunged down and bit, mouth and teeth closing around that spot just off-center to where throat and collar-bone meet. Lola bit hard, then lapped it with her tongue while the hand not holding the one with the knife against her skin checked for any more weapons that could be reached at this point.

She did not want another knife to her person or her clothing. There was already too much of her money all over the bed because the customer couldn't just get her to take her clothes off the normal way.

Surprise was blatant across her features; so this little whore had some fight in her. A small sound escaped the back of her throat, her grip tightening around the handle of her blade; there was no way she was going to let go now. Her heart raced, though adrenaline turned to annoyance as the feeling of griping hands caught her attention.

Bre snatched at the hand that was searching her person, grabbing the wrist tightly and pulling Lola's hand off to the side.
"Keep your hands to yourself, Honey." She hissed, not particularly liking the idea of Lola getting ahold of one of her fully loaded weapons and, well, gaining the obvious advantage of their current position. The Ten had quite obviously pissed this woman off at least a little, and she seemed like the type to hold a grudge.

She currently had no free hands, which put her at a disadvantage, but her fingers were still tightly wrapped around the handle of a rather sharp blade. One wrong move, a slight slip, and this pretty little worker girl's life would drain away. The only problem was the hand restraining that movement.

Despite the lack of complete control over the situation, Bre allowed Lola to do as she would for the time being; as long as she knew full-well where the woman's hands were, she felt the situation could easily be tended to if it were to slide out of her control.

Lola only raised her mouth slightly from the 'love bite' she'd just created and dragged her lips and teeth down between the customer's breasts.

"No hands will make fingering you harder," she said. "I guess I'll be eating you out then."

Not having her hands free didn't bother Lola. She'd worked in the whore-house all her life, and if there was one thing she knew it was her body - and exactly what she could do with it.

Her green pumps had gone when she'd gained the dominant position, and now she used bare toes to peel off the customer's left boot one inch at a time, though careful not to let the rabbit move her legs too much in case she tried the same move that Lola had.

Lola was tempted - oh so very tempted - to just get up and leave at this point, but a whore didn't leave a customer once they'd started. Again, bad for business. Though she sincerely doubted Jessica or her boss would hold it against her if she walked just this once. It was hardly the controlled environment of the brothel she usually worked in after all.

She was a professional though, and the eighteen-year-old working girl would not be the child.


Syd passed the bouncers, giving both of them a nod, and eased himself in amongst the revellers. His costume was of the Jabberwock, though not the most frightening it could have been. A pair of leather wings were strapped to his back and a tail was at his lower back, spikes on the ends. The suit he wore was all a black-green with a faint pattern of scales. His gloves had claws at the knuckles, and his shoes were done up to make them look like reptile feet. Pointy things to punch and kick with if necessary, likely they wouldn't be until after the party.

His face was left alone though. Just his brown face with his white, white teeth.

Digging her nails into the woman's wrist, Bre released her arm, using her now free hand to grab Lola's chin and lift it with a rough movement, sitting up slightly.

"You, my Dear, need to learn to let your customers play." She smirked, scoffing slightly, and shifted once more. "You may be a whore, but your job shouldn't be about sex. It should be about what pleasures your customer."

In one quick movement, Bre roughly let go of Lola's face, her hand instantly reaching for one of her pistols.

"You said to skip the 'massage'," Lola countered, even as she whipped a leg up - she was going to grovel at her mother's feet in gratitude for all those hours spent making her so flexible - and kicked the knife away to the far side of the room, freeing up both of her hands to whip the guns away as well, which she did - and that faster than she'd whipped wallets out of pockets.

"And I'm used to customers who want to be played with, or when they want to do the playing, it's not so rough as you seem to like."

Satisfied that the major weapons were gone, Lola got up from the bed and collected all the cash that she'd spilled, picked all the notes out of her shorts and garter, rolled it all up and tucked it inside her little top hat, which she set back on her head before once again giving the rabbit her full attention.

"If you want to play rough, I'm not your whore. That's more Sophia's thing. She's out there dressed as the Queen of Hearts. I'll just take the price of my vest and send her in if you like," she said, picking up her ruined top and pouting at it before slipping it back on anyway. She still had her bra on underneath it after all.

Completely defenseless, save for her fists, the Ten remained on the bed, watching the whore with a sharp glare. She didn't like it when she wasn't able to reach her guns, even moreso when she couldn't reach her blade. But she'd refrain from making that completely known to the other.

"Well." Bre murmured, her expression returning to the neutral state it had been in before the whore's first approach. "How much do I owe you for the vest?" She stood, her attitude much like nothing had even occurred in this little room. She wouldn't say anything, and to hell if she'd let this little flower drag her name through the mud.

The Ten readjusted herself, pulling her boot back into place and fixing her costume, before wandering over to the table that her tailcoat and hat had been tossed onto.

"I'll give you five hundred more if you keep this to yourself." Though she really couldn't trust a whore, it was better than nothing. And, if Lola accepted, then went back on her word, Bre had more incentive to take her out.

Another small fight had grabbed the Hatter's attention, moving him from the dance floor and outside for all of two minutes before reappearing inside, the breath of fresh air doing him good and keeping him going, looking about once more.

Another tap to the shoulder and the arrival of more guests, the Mad Hatter clapped his hands together in delight, moving for a table on the stage, set out like a massive tea party just for him and whoever wanted to come and take a seat for a chat, the man sitting himself down in the huge throne like seat, starting on the small cakes there.

A small rest off his feet, and this way, anyone could come and say hello without him moving away.

Lola nodded. If there was one thing a whore knew, it was how to keep secrets, and it wasn't like she even had a name to go with this face.

"I'd only tell the brothels your type for if you ever come knocking," she said. "And I'd only be giving them a physical description, since I didn't even get your name."

Five hundred would cover the whole incident perfectly, including her vest.

Maybe it was bad business to walk out like this, but trading out to a more suited whore was the safest procedure in this circumstance.


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