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Post  Crimablanca on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:38 am

The year was 2012. A crisp Christmas morning on the city streets of Manhattan. There was no snow fall; the streets were clear, though the air was somewhat smoggy with the thick chill and the pollution that hung around the city. Few people milled around the streets, the odd car of the workaholic seen at the traffic lights. Most people were inside with their families at this time of the day, unsuspecting of what was going on behind the guise of their own government.

That was the day the world ended; the Apocolypse, Armageddon. Many names were given to this supposed destruction of everything humanity held dear. No one believed the lunatics on the street corner, yelling that the end was nigh; humanity felt pretty stupid after what happened that day.

It began with a flash of light on the horizon, blinding, burning brighter than the sun. Followed by a loud, rumbling boom that shook the foundation of the surrounding cities for miles around. And then it was all over, a wave of radiation, the force of man destroying everything they had supposedly fought to protect, killing billions, and destroying everything, leaving nothing but those few that survived on the outskirts of the effected area, however failing to escape the radiation. The Earth was scorched, scarred by the force of man, a punishment of the Gods for being so careless with what they had been gifted.

The year is 20-Something. It's been many centuries since the human race obliterated itself, giving plenty of time for it to attempt at rectifying it's actions. Bringing itself back from the ashes, and rising above the stupidity of their forefathers.

Small colonies began to sproute up all over the world, unbeknownst to each other, each individual population believing themselves to be the last surviving of the human race. They consisted of the sickly, and the physically mutated, all effected by the radiation that still lingered across the Earth. Some were lucky, but others.. Well, the unlucky ones died young. One particular colony, on the coast of what used to be known as South Australia, bordered by at least three other small collections of people, housed a small scouting team, and that team had a sector that had been working on world travel, based off of an old, deteriorated map they'd found of the Earth, or at least what used to be the Earth. Their actions were based on the hope of finding life outside of their own little home.

But this little scouting team didn't consist of the sickly; they were the more able-bodied of the colony. The ones that the radiation effected differently. They were trained in military tactics, to use the newly designed weapons that had been based off of technologies found under rubble, and improved. But most importantly, they were trained to survive.

In the gathering sector of the Scouts, two teenagers, a male and female, twins to be exact, were out in the rubble of what had been the City of Adelaide; scavanging what they could.

"Jeez, they haven't left much." Jesse, the taller of the two siblings commented, lifting a rather large piece of thick sheet metal, glancing under, and dropping it again.

"They never do." Came the response from somewhere over a large ridge of broken building. "Our ancestors really didn't learn anything from the end of the world, huh."

"Even they didn't know what we know now, Ray." A silence fell over the area again, only to be interrupted by a sharp crash and the sound of movement coming from the direction of Torrance's voice. Clambering over the side of the rocks, she decided to come to a stop, sitting herself down on the ledge of cracked cement and staring at her brother.

"Would've thought they'd be more thoughtful of the future generations."

With nothing much left to recover from the area, it was their intention to move on, but instead an awkward silence fell between them. It always ended up like this, thinking about their situation; it was all they knew, but the old, eaten pictures of what the world had used to look like had given them an ideal of what they could have had, and that they didn't deserve what they'd gotten.

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